As we are probably all aware, thousands of images are posted on social media each day. Here at DI, we understand the importance of effectively collecting, categorising and analysing social media data, including images.

We were therefore very excited when our pals at Brandwatch asked us to have a look at Image Insights, an exciting new product launched today (28th June 2017). Image Insights is the world’s most accurate image detection software, designed to recognise and pull images shared online including, for example, brand logos. It is integrated into the Brandwatch analytics platform, and could provide an exciting opportunity for marketers and researchers to collect and act upon customer data from images shared online.

We were keen to discover the benefits of this fascinating new product – join us as we explore the possibilities…



Thousands of images are shared online everyday. Although there are thousands of images being shared today, there will be millions shared in the future, because image usage is growing at an unprecedented rate. Of course, many of these images will include brand logos. However, the brand name may not be mentioned in the text associated with the image. This could mean that brands are missing out on potential reach and engagement data derived from these images.



Image Insights from Brandwatch provides the ability to identify, collect and examine images of logos drawn from mentions across Twitter (with more sources such as Instagram to be added soon). These mentions can therefore then be analysed alongside text mentions, to provide a greater picture of customer behaviour. It’s the world’s most accurate logo detection software – ten times more accurate than the closest competitor.



The exciting potential of Image Insights is that it can function in addition to insights gained from textual analysis, providing the ability to see a brand through the customer’s eyes and collect insights that it would be difficult to find from text mentions alone. Of course, as we know here at DI, it’s important to be able to turn this data into strategic action. So, how can Image Insights from Brandwatch help to accomplish this?

Image Insights shows an important piece of the bigger puzzle. By focusing on imagery as well as text, it provides an extra element to the analysis of customer behaviour via social listening.

Image Insights can also help to see the full picture of a brand’s impact and measure brand visibility. By analysing shared images, it is possible to evaluate how often photos of a brand are seen. It is therefore not just about how the person producing the image views the brand, but also that this is content they will be transmitting to their followers. Image sharing could therefore have an effect on brand perception more generally.

Image Insights can also provide a better understanding of customer behaviour. Images allow you to physically see customers using a brand first hand. They demonstrate the places, activities and other associations that customers connect with the brand. You can see how customers use certain brands or products in practice e.g. do other brands appear in the images? Do customers use them with friends or family? Do other cultural associations appear in the images? Of course, text mentions frequently allow similar analysis, but there may be instances where customers don’t mention the products by name, but still show important consumption behaviours. Image analysis could therefore be combined with an analysis of text mentions to show a more in-depth view of the relationship that customers have with brands and how they integrate them into their daily lives.



The rise of social media has meant that customers now produce content about brands all the time, including image content. This provides an excellent opportunity to literally see a brand through a customer’s eyes, to assess how they integrate that brand into their daily lives and to examine the kind of content that they create and share with their followers relating to a brand. Image Insights offers an exciting opportunity to more effectively collect and analyse such images. When used in combination with an analysis of text mentions, this could be very powerful, potentially leading to even deeper and more exciting insights.


This blog was powered by Brandwatch, who love social listening as much as we do.

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