Here at DI, we understand the importance of good data storytelling, of effectively interpreting data and presenting insights so that they translate into strategy and action.

To that end our pals at Brandwatch asked us to have a look at a new product launched today (March 1st 2017) called Vizia 2. In short, Vizia 2 has been designed with the primary aim of reinventing how people and data connect within enterprises by improving the communication and dissemination of cross-departmental insights within organisations.

Among other benefits, it includes a suite of new visualizations to present data in a way that is not only understandable but also compelling for people who are neither data scientists nor analysts, so as to help them to see its value and act on it.





The Hub

This is a command console, which gives complete control over the use of Vizia, making it easy to manage what is being shown where at any moment. There is an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, as well as the ability to edit and refresh screens. This makes it easy to share inspiring insights.


The Vizia Framework

Another exciting aspect of Vizia is the ability to bring in sources other than social data, such as supply chain data, customer data and web analytics data. It also provides the ability for Javascript developers (whether in-house or consultant) to build custom apps, which can enable users to mix, match and visualize internal data.


Rich Data Visualization

Vizia 2 comes with a storyboarding toolkit of Tiles including Topic Stream, Treemap, Featured Content and the SalesForce Tile, which helps bring reporting to life. The Network Visualization Tile is particularly exciting, providing a dynamic 3D view of networked conversation around important topics.





Digital transformation

Using Vizia means that leaders in an organisation can bring the voice of the customer and the speed of the market into the organisation itself. Vizia is high-profile, scalable, easy to use and secure.


Employee Reach

The visualizations are eye-catching. Vizia has the functionality to show these visualizations on screens in any shared space or meeting room of an organisation across the world.

Data can therefore immediately be communicated to employees anywhere, and then be transformed by employees into strategy and action.


Effective data-driven storytelling

The visualizations available on Vizia provide exciting opportunities for analysts to tell important, data-driven stories that can be clearly and easily communicated to those on the frontline and in the C-suite of an enterprise.



Connect People with Big Data

Vizia provides the ability to bring market insights and the voice of the customer into every aspect of an organisation. In practice, this means that the organisation can become more responsive and consumer-centric.

Rather than using complex PDFs or PowerPoint presentations to communicate data and insight, the attention-grabbing visualizations make it easier for decision makers and employees to engage with the insight being communicated.


Better Decision-Making

Of course, the importance of data visualizations is not just to make the data more accessible, but to drive action using that data. Vizia has the capacity to powerfully communicate data visually, enabling colleagues to take action on the insights being presented.

By increasing this internal reach and engagement, the Vizia platform can be used to demonstrate the value of existing investments in data, insights and analytics technologies, and thereby lift total ROI. Vizia also provides the ability to quickly react and respond, from always-on opportunities to command centres in crises.


The Wow Factor

Vizia enables you to control the information distributed through an enterprise, as well as how it is distributed. It also provides the ability to highlight innovation in an impressive way for leadership, stakeholders and external VIPs, giving your data and insights the Wow Factor.



Vizia 2 is a really exciting development from Brandwatch which has the potential to revolutionise the way that data and people connect.

At DI, we love being able to present data in an exciting and engaging way that can translate into insights, action and strategy. We can’t wait to get our hands on a trial of Vizia 2. We’ll update further as we get to know the product better and explore its power to communicate impactful, data-driven stories.

This blog was powered by Brandwatch, good people who LOVE big data and social insights as much as we do here @DI_Insights

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