Cider Spans the Seasons

As Winter creeps ever closer and we start looking out our woolly jumpers the pressure of and determination to achieve that ‘summer bod’ is well and truly over for another year. Such is the case, that we allow ourselves to indulge in those treats we’ve been avoiding and few are more indulgent than a calorie full bottle of deliciously sweet cider.

Here at DI we were keen to find out what about cider it is that makes it such a firm favourite and how it has managed to migrate from sunny summer festivals to Christmas markets everywhere.

What we found.

Looking at the category of ‘cider’ as a whole we pulled over 13k mentions from Brandwatch; represented in the following topic cloud:


It is clear that by far ‘apple’ still dominates discussion surrounding cider, however certain brands have built a strong enough following to hold their position as dominant throughout conversation. Of note, Strongbow (in particular their Dark Fruit flavour variant) is by far the most prominent brand throughout the data set. This is, upon deeper analysis, the result of their younger consumer base (the demographic which are also most active on social media).

With regards to the gender split in conversation it was fairly equal, with male authors slightly dominating the conversation:cider-blog-3

What you said.

Understanding the top line of what people were talking (topic volumes), DI were then interested to establish when (what time of day and which days of the week) people were talking about cider.



As expected the highest volumes of mentions are towards the end of the day, beginning to pick up at around 12pm (lunchtime) wherein people are thinking about what alcoholic drink to pick up as a treat after work or deciding/discussing with friends what they are going to drink at ‘pres’ or on a night out.


Mentions peaked at 8pm, when people were having their first drink of the night or anticipating it.

On the note of anticipating; the behavioural trend of ‘craving’ was identified as a commonly shared feeling; whether it be that consumers had just finished a hard week at work, had a birthday to celebrate with friends or were in need of a relaxing night in – consumers openly shared their purchase intent and craving for an ice cold can/bottle of cider. Although this is not an insight which any brand could responsibly commercialise on the back of, we thought it was still an interesting nugget to share.

Again, it comes as little to no surprise that mentions by day of the week peak on a Saturday (with Fridays and Sundays not far behind on volume of mentions). What is of interest and slightly unexpected, was that the volume of mentions relating to ‘cider’ remain noticeably high on a Monday – which contradicts the Monday morning blues commonly described across offices everywhere. This could be explained as accounting for people sharing their ‘hangovers from hell’ which are persisting from their last glass of wine on the previous Sunday night; only relenting on Tuesday morning as mentions tail off.

Cider spans the seasons

The trend of most interest which DI identified however, was not that of hangover making those at Monday morning meetings harder still or that it is cider, not chocolate people crave after a hard day at work but that cider has achieved the feat of effortlessly spanning the seasons as a drink of choice. Where previously we limited cider to the refreshing, ice cold fruity choice for summer BBQ’s, festivals and garden party’s; brands across the cider category have elbowed their way onto the shelves as a festive favourite alongside our beloved mulled wine. They have done so by introducing the mass market (via Christmas markets and other festive events) to the delicious warming beverage that is mulled cider, whilst also launching a variety of ‘winter flavour’ chilled ciders. People love them so much they are even stockpiling winter variants before they leave our shelves for another year.

This demonstration of product portfolio expansion and breaking the mold consumers have previously assigned to them is one for other food & beverage brands to follow in order to position themselves as a year round favourite not boxed into one season or weather type.


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The data used in this report was powered by Brandwatch.

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