Credit where credit is Dew – Super Bowl 2016


This year we welcomed the 50th year of the Super Bowl and few were willing to miss out on one of the biggest annual sporting events in the world, with approximately 100million people tuning in to watch. Not only are people watching the Super Bowl, they are also spending on a variety of associated purchases from merchandise to food and drink for celebrations. Statistics estimate that a total amount of $15.53 billion will be spent by consumers in the U.S. on Super Bowl related purchases in 2016.


However, it wasn’t just a battle of the two teams on the pitch, it was also a battle of the ads on screen. With 30 seconds of ad space costing on average $4.5 million as expected it was the big players in the brand world that featured – fighting it out for viewer’s attention.

Months of work and strategic planning culminate in just 30 seconds of an advert and the discussion which ensues there after.With our friends at Brandwatch we looked at the social and digital conversations around the Superbowl.  If it was discussion and ‘social chatter’ they were after, then Mountain Dew achieved and surpassed their goal with their #PuppyMonkeyBaby receiving the largest peak in any hashtag, registering nearly 4,000 mentions in one minute.

See PuppyMonkeyBaby: puppy


In turn this hashtag and advert generated 23,000 mentions for Mountain Dew. #PuppyMonkeyBaby was recorded as having a negative sentiment of 54% – but as they say ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’.



Doritos were one of the few brands who managed to generate an even greater number of mentions online – an impressive 89,000 to be precise. Throughout the year Doritos appealed for advert submissions from the public with the opportunity to win $1 million and have their ad represent Doritos during the Super Bowl commercial break. The winner was that entitled, ‘Doritos Dogs’, a concept following the endeavours a dog and his canine pals attempting to get their paws on a bag of Doritos crisps. This adverts’ associated hashtag (#CrashTheSuperBowl) generated nearly 14,000 mentions.


mentions by minute

Other brands which featured with mentions over 20,000 include Pepsi (38,000), Pokémon (27,000) and Budweiser (20,000). As is evidenced in the above graph, mentions and overall engagement is highest towards the beginning of the Super Bowl.  A noticeable decline in mentions is clear as the game progresses and aligned with this Brandwatch note it as most beneficial to brands to consider buying ad space earlier in Super Bowls, or any live event, as viewers and tweeters alike become fatigued as events move on.

With the title awarded and the trophy lifted by both The Denver Broncos as well as a number of big brands, the training, planning and saving (for the $4.5 million investment) will soon be underway in anticipation for 2017!

Note:               All data reflects the time frame of 6:35pm EST to 10:25pm EST – while the game was being played live.

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