Super Saturday…..***Super Sunday

Trying to keep my bias in check as an avid viewer of the Olympics and keen supporter of Team GB, it has to be acknowledged that the success we have seen as a competing Nation over the past few days has been nothing short of inspiring!

Some have even dubbed it the most impressive and thrilling weekend of sport Team GB have ever produced.

As Super Saturday fast became Super Sunday it seemed that GB’s success in the medal tables was not to be contested. Team GB are currently sitting in second place, with 16 Gold medals, behind the super power of sport, the United States.

As the world looked on in awe at the feats of strength, determination and dedication of the athletes competing at the Rio Olympics over the weekend, thousands took to social media to share their support and admiration!

The big names generating the greatest online conversation from Team GB, were Andy Murray, Max Whitlock, Mo Farah and Louis Smith; accompanied by the likes of Usain bolt and Michael Phelps.

RIO - topic cloud

While online conversation volumes have remained consistently high since the Olympic Opening Ceremony, there was a clear peak in mentions on Sunday (a.k.a ‘the new Super Saturday’) generating over 20k mentions from the UK alone.

RIO - mentions volume graph

The key medal achievements sparking the highest conversation volumes over the weekend were:


Mo Farah’s                        GOLD                                      in the 10,000m

Greg Rutherford’s             BRONZE                                  in the long jump

Jessica Ennis’s                  SILVER                                     in the heptathlon

Max Whitlock’s                 Double Olympic GOLD           in gymnastics

Andy Murray’s                   GOLD                                      in the tennis singles

Jason Kenny’s                    GOLD                                      in track cycling

Justin Rose’s                     GOLD                                      in golf


As well as numerous other impressive performances totalling 8 medals in 5hrs 14mins ensuring Team GB secured their 2nd place position in the medal tables and in the hearts of thousands of vocal supporters who have most definitely caught the GB fever of London 2012!

medal table - 16th Aug

Although I, alongside an army of social media supporters, have been wholly captivated by Team GB’s efforts; I couldn’t write a blog about the thrill of this year’s Olympics without giving a nod to the main man himself, the man who defies the limits of human speed on the track time and time again – Usain Bolt! Forget the Kardashians breaking the internet, Bolt has now become the face of meme’s populating timelines worldwide as he took the time, mid-race (of 9.81seconds) to smile to the camera – once again proving the man is unbeatable!

boltbolt memeBolt vs scooby doobolt with cheeta

With 5 days of the Games still to come we can expect plenty for nail-biting finishes and emotional medal ceremonies and DI will be sure to keep you updated on the latest trending topics straight from the heart of Rio de Janeiro!


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