We recently had the opportunity to trial Brandwatch Audiences, the new Influencer Identification tool recently launched by Brandwatch.

Brandwatch Audiences can be used for gaining consumer insights and identifying new customers and key brand and product influencers.

To understand potential applications here at Disruptive Insight we tested it on an existing client project.  Our MO was to identify influential business leaders fitting a distinctive set of demographic, psychographic and influence-related criteria.

The Task – Our client, a Professional Services organisation, typically gaining new business through referrals, wished to adopt influencer targeting as a mean to expand its digital business network.

A recent expansion into a new territory, coupled with a launch event in planning underpinned their desire to raise awareness and profile quickly, with the right people, in the right places.

Our role therefore was to identify exactly who they should be connecting to and seeking relationships with so that we may curate an influential foundation ahead of key launch-event announcements.

Using Brandwatch Audiences – we were able to identify business leaders working in the geographical catchment and desired pipeline sectors with prominence and influence on Twitter.

We were able to gather and organise these targets by sector, seniority and potential forward B2B network influence.

The list of influential targets (and potential event guests) we were able to supply to our client was impressive, and submitted on our part with the knowledge that each contact provided represented absolute best-fit against complex criteria.

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 What we particularly loved about Brandwatch Audiences – was how (very) easy it was to seamlessly migrate my target list of influencers over into my main Brandwatch platform. 

It allowed us to analyse data posted by these individuals – from what they were saying about my case study brand, to when and with what underlying sentiment.

Doing this helped us to really focus in on a core list of valuable influencers (and deselect potentially risky choices). Because we all know, with influencer targeting quality is far more important than quantity.

What happens next – is of course, the decision of the client. And this is where human insight comes to the fore.

We prime the contacts and our client team assess these leads against their existing client network, service offering and pipeline, looking for the ‘low hanging fruit’ and potential conflicts of interest.

What we do know is that, with the help of Brandwatch Audiences, the job took a fraction of the time a manual research quest would have and produced results that we could all be confident in.

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July 2016, Emma Reid, Disruptive Insight



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