Who cares about Rio 2016?

With only 2 days to go until the eyes of the world are on Rio, anticipation is rising for the 2016 Olympic opening ceremony. Will Rio pull out all the stops to put on a ceremony to top London 2012? or will the already high expectations of thousands be disappointed?

Here at DI, we were keen to find out if Rio 2016 had people talking on socials and if so what they were talking about.

Had London 2012 managed to keep people interested in sport and maintain the overwhelming support for Team GB we saw only 4 years ago? We needed insight; so we took to Brandwatch to take a look at the data!

As of the 4th of August, looking back over the previous 30 days; an astonishing 136,434 mentions were recorded across the time period, offering us a rich volume of data from which to gather and disseminate our insight. It doesn’t require much analysis to establish that London 2012 has definitely fulfilled its role in keeping the Olympic spirit burning; but to understand the data on a deeper level we sliced and diced the data into more manageable segments.

The key topics which were getting people were talking were as depicted below:

Rio Blog Image 1

As you can see the obvious ‘buzz words’ were recurring, such as Rio Olympics, Olympic games, London and Brazil. Within the topic cloud it is important to note the appearance of ‘Team GB’ as a data volume peak alongside Andy Murray as one of our Olympic medal hopefuls this year.

‘Russian Team’, ‘Russian Athletes, ‘blanket ban’ and ‘breaking’ all appeared within the topic cloud, meaning that these are areas of high conversation volume – in light of the recent doping revelations within the Russian camp this was to be expected but it will be interesting to continue to track these topics, to see if they continue to feature so heavily within the data set throughout the rest of the Olympic period or if this is merely pre-games ‘filler’ and speculation while we await the main event.

Rio Blog Image 2

Having established WHAT people are talking about, DI were keen to find WHO it was that was driving these high conversation volumes.

The gender split within the data showed a significant dominance within the conversation by men. Although informative, it is important not to take the data at face value as in some cases it can be misleading. This danger is evidenced within this data set, focusing particularly around the times at which the Opening Ceremony and other major medal events will be aired on UK television. With the Opening Ceremony not set to hit our screens until midnight and the men’s 100m final being shown at 2:30am – while many people are sharing that they will be preparing for a few late nights and staying up to watch the events……


Rio Blog Image 3 Rio Blog Image 4Rio Blog Image 5

…….however, many others are also stating that it is just too late and inconvenient to watch such events; recent doping revelations surrounding the Olympics and many athletes has also clearly had a negative impact on some people’s opinion of the games.

Rio Blog Image 6Rio Blog Image 7Rio Blog Image 8

These mentions are often combined to provide a figure showing high conversation volumes which at face value could be taken as all positive, but greater analysis and understanding of the data is required to establish exactly what the data is saying.

With a clear divide in the data, will viewing figures and more importantly Olympic spirit take the hit? Stay tuned……

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